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img The Symposium will be held in Rzeszów and Łańcut. Rzeszów is an economic, scientific and cultural centre, in the southeastern Poland, 100 km from Slovakia and 90 km from Ukraine. Besides the spread Carpathian Foothills the region is rich of his historical heritage related to mixture of national minorities and a unique folklore of the mountain borderland. The region is a cradle of aircraft and petrol industries developed before and after Poland´s resurrection in 1918.
If you like to learn more about Rzeszow history please read Walking around Rzeszow.

img The Rzeszów Technical University continues the tradition. Besides an excellent Department of Mechanical and Aircraft Engineering a unique centre for the education and training of civil aviation pilots is well known in Poland and abroad.


The Symposium sessions will be held in a small town of Łańcut, 17 km far from Rzeszów, in the historical castle, known as one of the greatest residences of the Polish aristocratic families. The castle is surrounded by an Italian style garden with a famous Museum of Carriages. The Palace Museum is well known not only for its masterpieces but also the Festivals of Chamber Music.
Please visit Castle Museum website if you want to learn more about its history.

A shuttle communication will be organized between Rzeszów and Łańcut.

Useful informations

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Another source of informations reagarding tourism, economy and culture of Podkarpackie province you will find on Gate to Podkarpackie website.

Site maps

Please find below site maps of the Łańcut castle and Rzeszów-Łańcut route.

img img img


  1. Main gate
  2. Main entrance to the castle
  3. Hall with the Registration desk and Coffee bar
  4. Master's Study („Gabinet Ordynata” in Polish)
  5. Ballroom (1st Floor)
  6. R - Zamkowa Restaruant (Lunch)


Legend: img Bus terminal img Train station img Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport img IPM2009 Symposium Venue